Sobe Gourmet

Who are we?

When IT meets French fine cuisine , SoBe Gourmet was born. 

SoBe Gourmet is first and foremost an human aventure between 3 longtime friends with 3 exceptional skills (IT – Real Estate – French Fine cuisine)

The cancer of one of us puts in highlight : health is on the plate. So we want to provide clean meal for everyone. 

The best way to permit everyone to enjoy clean meals cooked by several starred chefs , is to have an incubator of caterers.

One order – several chefs – one delivery . With a digitalized client experience.


Try The Best

Our values

Fine flavor

The taste, the taste , the taste but with with nutritional benefits


Customers taste meals with their eyes first. Plus, to be good, the meal must be finest


We have to use only local product, organic whenever possible. The goal is to reduce carbon footprint and to promote the region


SoBe Gourmet is a first French food curator that offers you a fine cuisine by starred chefs in reusable glass jars or at least recyclable or reusable packaging

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