What is your clean meal plan ?

Ultimate Culinary Experience Like No Other

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What is it ?

Ultimate Culinary Experience Like No Other

Thanks to you , dear customers, we designed and updated our meals . Indeed, your feedback, on the farmer markets, helped us to customize French meals to American taste.

Our fine cuisine is healthy , delicious and chef curated.

We are an eco-responsible company, hence  we have only locals suppliers in order to reduce the carbon footprint. 

Fine Dining Experience


We propose an  fully catering performance.

Our chefs will take care about your guests with tailor-made dishes with the appropriate spirits.

Our clean meals are made from locals and fresher products. 

Starred chefs dishes
vending machine order

Vending Machines

 SoBe offers clean meals through vending machines, in shopping centers, and connected refrigerators in businesses.

Our vending machines and our connected fridges are high technology devices with an artificial intelligence allowing our customers to order their dishes in complete safety and at any time of the day.

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